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Our support team consists of over 75 skilled engineers, certified to the highest levels, who provide support for all the systems and solutions we implement.

4sight has introduced Al, big data, and protocols of the future generation to IP networks, redefining analysis of data and closed loop optimization. Upgrading from previous conventional methods to intelligent IP networks.

Campus Network Solution

Organizations are moving forward from simple digital offices to digital operations and productions. A multifactional and fully wireless network is required that can connect people instantly, and it has been made possible through 4sight’s Big Data and AI solutions.

4sight’s cloud campus 2.0 provides a prolonged end-to-end security that is required for production applications and a mission critical office. It delivers 10ms ultra-low latency, roaming without loss, and gigabit-level bandwidth. Moreover, it is linked with end-to-end automation, which includes everything from network design, network optimization and deployment to service provisioning.

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Data Center Networking Solution

Al is being used persuasively across industries and enterprise data centers that carry major services. It is becoming the mind of enterprises. Data is our key production, which enables us to step into the intelligence era. Data center networks are facing various problems, that are, delayed TTM, fault rectification, 10-fold surges in data volume, and packet loss induced computing power loss. 4sight cloud fabric 2.0 solution provides the users with next generation data center network. It has a super capacity, provides an intelligent experience, self-sufficient driving, enterprises can grasp intelligence from the data to transform digitally and promote the development of the digital economy. Adamant towards becoming a leading data network, 4sight has served thousands of customers across UAE and will continue to achieve more.

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Huawei Servers

The investments are on the following key strategies

  • Innovative Architecture: They invest in basic research and have also launched an innovative processor called Da Vinci architecture, which is designed to unlock an affordable and robust command of computing.
  • Investment: The processor families include: Ascend Processors, Kirin Processors, and Honghu. Responsible for Al, smart devices and smart screens as per the allocations.
  • Business Sphere: The processors will not be sold directly. They will be provided to the customers as cloud services and as components to the partners instead.
  • Ecosystem: Huawei is expected to invest USD1.5 billion during the next five years in the developer program. It will support five million developers and enable the partners to develop next generation solutions and applications worldwide.

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Software Defined Infrastructure

The software defined infrastructure has simplified IT and prefers quality over quantity. It enables you to destress and allows you to focus on your main business. The certified nodes and think agile integrated appliances have been devised to make life better.

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All Flash Storage

4sight provides a tremendous range of products that are mission critical and suitable for different businesses, irrespective of their scales, situations and industry. This enables digital transformation to accelerate.

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Hybrid Storage

4sight’s series is the next generation of hybrid flash storage. Providing exemplary data services with dedication for business critical to enterprise missions.

It is reliable, has extraordinary ranks of performances, offering free HyerMetro getaway, cutting-edge hardware platform, system architecture that leads the industry, optimization technology oriented by flash, with a full range of data protection software and efficiency improvement.

It accomplishes all the needs of data storage of a large-database Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)/Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), cloud computing, and various other applications as well, 4sight fits the category of most wanted storage requirements of the government, telecommunications, finance and many more sectors.

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Smart Datacenter Facility Solutions

Providing an up-to-date foundation for distributed cloud applications by using smart, plug-and-play micro modules. This solution enables building agile, dependable and energy-efficient data centers featuring low CAPEX.

Data centers must keep in mind the following, when computing power is being used:

  • Scale up and out conveniently to fulfil the requirement of cloud computing and virtualization.
  • Addressing the needs of the branch and headquarter data centers, plug and play micro modules should be incorporated.
  • Construct digital, intelligent network technologies.

4sight’s smart data facility solution reduces CAPEX, increases power usage effectiveness PUE, by using green energy technology and slashes the operation costs with proactive O&M techniques.

It overcomes the inflexible and unpredictable services provided by conventional data centers. The ROI is also improved, and the over-use of energy issues are also solved.

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Since the advancement of technology, more compact and mobile devices are being developed. This provides users with flexibility but also exposes them to various threats. 4sight pledges to make sure that every company’s secure even when a BYOD (bring your own device) policy has been implemented.

4sight centralizes end-user information efficiently, ensuring a better transparency and to provide end-point security to various devices on a comprehensive scale. Allowing the clients to make use of mobility with ease, while assuring all the operations are safe from alleged threats.


4sight is an expert in security and provides quality services. It is a part of their steadfast commitment to enhance the security of an organization. In addition to that, a number of specialized products ensure cloud, infrastructure and end-point security, which includes multiple devices, for example, tablets, personal computers and mobiles.

Our system is all-inclusive and guarantees protection of crucial data, preventing harmful threats that could forfeit the well-being of the organization.

IOT- Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has launched and access to information is more profound, since homes, offices, buildings and the entire city connects to each other. It provides a new level of experience of a connected world. A seamless virtual reality that is possible only through a strong connectivity. Machines are becoming more advanced, which enable efficient and faster deliveries. 4sight has a tremendous range of M2M solutions and network connectivity in buildings, offices and city services.


Modern IT has recently discovered cloud and since, it has been the most resourceful and efficient. It enables software and hardware resources to be availed as per demands, allowing the users to save money and maximize flexibility. Content is also delivered efficiently. Hence saving energy and time, which most data centers have been striving to achieve. 4sight provides a range of cloud services, in both private and public sectors. It includes assessment, identification, design, monitoring, consultation and solution management.

Big Data and AI

Business rely on analytics since the volume of data is growing, to use information for their own growth. In order to accelerate the value of Big Data, structured solutions are required by the companies. Moreover, data insights should only be from expert fields. 4sight provides and architectural solution for both structured and unstructured data. 4sight does everything, which includes, supplying analytical tools and data, conducting analysis, reports to advisory and consultant services.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Intelligent video surveillance is the backbone of a smart world. It enables sensory
connections globally and connects the physical and digital worlds, serving as a catalyst for the intelligent and digital transformation history.

4sights intelligent video and data analysis is built on expertise in big data, 5G, cloud, revolutionizing the industry of video surveillance, transforming it from simple videos to 360 degrees data awareness. Moreover, basic perception progresses to intelligent prediction.

2+4+N Strategy

The four mission critical features are

Verified data
Powerful intelligence
Robust security
Advanced openness
N ecosystem applications
It enables intelligent surveillance of videos throughout industries of every diversity.
Additionally, the strategy involves four aspects.

Multi-Dimensional Data Awareness

A defined camera with full hardware series available, which is meant for diverse scenarios. It converges cloud Internet of Things (iOT) data with media and information networks to understand the 360-degree awareness of people, objects, vehicles, behaviors and the environment. Additionally, multi-dimensional data is mined for true value and safeguarding of cities, systematically.

Exclusive to Inclusive AL

4sight provides a wide range of intelligent video surveillance products that feature device edge cloud synergy. They are based on exemplary Ascend Al chips that apprehend matrix intelligence on a large scale through the application of Al technologies to various scenarios.

Smart Business

4sight follows a clear vision, developing a multi algorithm concurrency framework. Open labs are established across the globe, promotion of co-operation with local partners, all aiming towards the enrichment and fostering of the intelligent eco-system.

Built-in Security

4sight provides built in security throughout the service process, which includes organizational structure, product delivery, product development, providing customers with trusted products and security ensuring services. 4sight intelligent video and data analysis provides IVS, IVD and ICP for education, transportation, finance sectors among the many others. 4sight remains committed towards providing an open and inclusive eco-system, steering the era of intelligence.
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Idea Hub

A smart office productivity tool, which bundles intelligent writing, high definition video conferencing along with wireless sharing. IdeaHub is designed in such a way that it suits every environment. It turns conference rooms, executive offices and open areas into smart spaces.

Simplicity and Elegance
The design is simple and user-centric with a minimalist slender stand. IdeaHub can be incorporated into any space as per the user requirement.

Wireless Sharing
It is a combination of 4K and H265 technologies, which delivers a crisp, clear and smooth experience. You can simply tap and share details of your laptop and phone. On-screen real-time page annotation makes it truly flexible and effortless.

Writing Recognition
Innovative intelligent writing recognition, identifies words, flow carts and figures automatically.

The writing latency is 35 ms ultra-low and ultra-responsive.

Scan and Join
Independent graph computing, artificial intelligence powered computing and audio, video codec engines are combined together via dual-system-on-chip design. Resulting in quality conferencing supported by easy meeting operations. Moreover, the intelligent voice assistant allows you to simply scan and join.

Flawless Technology
Beamforming technology and twelve microphones pick up human voices over an 8m radius. Crystal clear audio is ensured via the wider frequency for transfers at every remote site.

Fast Tracking
Fast tracking and auto frame adjust the angle of the camera based on the conference room and number of participants. The view is optimal.

Virtual Experience
With crisp, full 1080p HD video conferencing, enjoy a natural and smooth experience every time.

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Idea hub

Lenovo PCG Partner Exchange Program

In collaboration with Lenovo, partners are now being rewarded in bigger ways than ever with Lenovo’s PCG Partner Engage Program that will boost their earnings a step further. The program intends to strengthen partnerships and marketplace positioning via a transition of sales strategy from a portfolio approach to a customer-centric focused approach. The PCG Partner Engage Program is based on one simple criterion: annual revenue thresholds. Once earned, your PCG Partner Engage Program insignia can be included on your website and marketing materials to reinforce your business credibility and influence in the marketplace. The program emphasizes on delivering a higher standard of excellence by providing every partner with marketing resources, sales support and deal protection. It has created a more selective partner criteria with greater incremental financial incentives for those partners committed to the highest levels of success.

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