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IT Consolidation

Consolidation of Remote Office Connectivity and Optimization of Applications: Connectivity has become a critical issue for remote sites with key connections to the main data centre of paramount importance. 4Sight Technology offers solutions based on Huawei. More cost-effective solutions, also from Huawei, can also be provided using the SSL-VPN product range.

Consolidation of Servers and Storage with Enterprise Backup Solutions: As the number of applications and corresponding servers in an organization increases, many enterprises opt to consolidate and rationalize their servers and storage devices to minimize costs and ensure ease of management. It is here that 4Sight Technology can offer server consolidation systems including Lenovo - IBM Blade Centres, or VMWare and Microsoft virtualization. Backup solutions based on tape technologies and software from IBM and Symantec can also be provided to consolidate backup.

Centralized Data Centres: More and more customers are centralizing their IT operations, in today's business environment, and Central Data Centres have become a critical component for any large organization. 4Sight Technology can provide a complete physical Data Centre including: UPS, power distribution, cooling, and security.

24/7 Customer Care: 4Sight Technology promotes customers' business by committing to maximum uptime for all installed Mission Critical equipment with our own Emergency Response Team Engineers on standby 24/7, 365 days of the year. Services available are: Warranty Services, Preventive Maintenance, and Corrective Call Response